Robin Gruver, International Certified Childbirth Educator and Pre-Post Natal Yoga Instructor


“I met Brianna when she was pregnant with Cade. But I really came to know her after she gave birth. Brianna was fit, healthy and prepared for birthing a baby, but was faced with physical challenges after Cade was born. Unlike many women, Brianna worked extra hard to overcome difficulties with breastfeeding. With her determination and fortitude along with the support of her husband, Brianna was able to be successful. Other physical issues were met with a lot of research and questioning to find solutions.”


“Brianna discovered, as I had years ago, that not only does the medical community not know how to treat situations like Diastasis Recti, but the athletic community, by in large, does not either. In fact many trainers in the fitness world don’t even know how to prevent it from happening. I have been working in the medical field of Labor and Delivery, Childbirth Education and Pre-Post Natal Yoga for almost 40 years. I have been through other Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness trainings that only touch the surface about such issues.”


“Brianna’s Postpartum Fitness program sounds incredibly safe, and VERY necessary to any woman who wants to get in shape safely and correctly. She has the knowledge and the passion to train an important population in a way that is quite lacking at such a critical time.”



“I am so glad I found out about this Birthfit class!! Being a first time mom, I had no idea what to do to start to get myself back in shape and found it hard to get motivated to do anything for myself when my baby requires so much of me. Birthfit gave me guidance on how to exercise after having a baby, it gave me support from other women going through the same thing and it gave me confidence that I could commit to something and actually leave the house with my baby!! With so much focus on health and wellness during pregnancy, I think there is a lack of resources and information for women postpartum. Birthfit became a great resource for me and provided me with information I can continue to use for my workouts and overall personal wellness. Thank you so much, Brianna, for providing such a great program to our community. I would definitely recommend this class to all postpartum women. I know it seems like a tough and scary commitment with a new baby, but believe me, you will benefit from this both mentally and physically!!”



“I have been training with Brianna Battles for almost a month now. First of all for me to make the step for myself, being a full time working mom, on top of having 4 kiddos has been a huge challenge. But since motivating enough courage to start working out, my body has literally transformed and has given me a whole new sense of self esteem. Brianna is super easy going, fun and knows the importance of strength training for pre and post pregnancy moms. Thank you Brianna, your core training fundamentals, has been so inspirational and have given this mama a while new look on being healthy and fit.”



“I’m so glad I found out about Birthfit! I’ve done boot camps before that are good but WAY too challenging right after having a baby. The exercises we do at Birthfit are just the right level of difficulty so that I feel like I’m getting a good workout, but not hurting myself. Working out with other postpartum women helps me feel less self conscious (I’m not a fan of the gym atmosphere). And the more I move, the more I WANT to move, and find ways to incorporate exercises with my sweet little baby. It’s exactly what I needed to get out of that postpartum slump. If you are pregnant or had a baby recently, contact Brianna Battles to sign up for the next Birthfit. It’s really a blessing to have this kind of program locally, because it incorporates more than just exercises and you can workout with your kids (no need for a babysitter)! Brianna Battles is an expert in the field of restoring the postpartum body!”



“Brianna’s strength training and condition classes have been so good for my physical and mental well being. I’m getting fit in a comfortable environment full of other women who are in the same situation as me. Brianna has a kind, enthusiastic and encouraging demeanor that makes getting fit a positive experience. She takes time to thoroughly teach us proper form and continues to ensure we are doing things correctly instead of worry about how many reps we’ve done. This class makes me feel so much better about myself, not because I looking better which I am, but because I’m challenging myself, it feels good and because the support from the other women and Brianna is amazing!”



“I just completed the Birthfit series and was very happy with it! I have an almost three year old and a five month old and I so wish there would have been a class available like this after I had my first child. I worked out throughout both pregnancies and was excited to get back on the fitness train post partum – little did I know, I was doing a lot of things my body wasn’t quite ready for. My form also needed to be adjusted for my post partum body. Brianna educated me and corrected my form all while encouraging me to get stronger. I am now taking another one of her fitness classes and loving it – especially having gained such a strong technique foundation upon completion of Birthfit. I love that she provides a venue where you can bring your children to work out with you in a non-intimidating environment. I’ve also met some really great women through Brianna’s classes. It is always great to make new “mommy friends” and support and encourage one another. Thanks Bri!



“After having two babies I knew I needed to get back into a workout routine. I started going to my local gym, but found myself wasting time there because I didn’t know what would be best for my postpartum body. That’s when I made the switch to women’s strength and conditioning with Bri and I’m so glad I did. She leads us in effective workouts which utilize and strengthen the entire body in a shorter amount of time. She teaches how to correctly do the exercises, and explains why they are effective/ which muscle groups are being used. She also incorporates exercises and routines which suit the needs of the everyday woman. For me, personally, that means doing exercises which will strengthen my post-baby body and help me to better keep up with my two young children. After just a short amount of time I already feel stronger and have learned so much!”



“…Especially after having a baby or 2 or more. Our bodies are different and therefore need different forms of exercise (safe) in order to get our bodies back to “normal” and begin healing and rebuilding. I can honestly say, after 2 hip surgeries, 2 babies, a decade of being in pain and not being able to exercise or live my life without being in a lot of pain on a daily basis , searching out the best treatments, doctors, PTs, Chiropractors and trying numerous gimmick fitness programs, I am finally (almost) pain free, able to play with my children and exercise without being in excruciating pain at day’s end. With her extensive knowledge, expertise and experience (having a baby of her own) Brianna Battles knows her stuff and has helped me get my life back. She’s the real deal ladies and saying thank you is not nearly enough for what she has done for me.”



“Such a fantastic group of moms/ladies in this class. Encouraging and inspiring each other everyday. Wish I had this around when my first child was born…love it!!!