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Remote Coaching

Not local? No problem!

I offer Skype or FaceTime consults and remote coaching/strength programming.

Pregnancy Programming (4 week training cycles): $200/cycle

Individualized program to progress you and correctly modify your movements through your pregnancy. Pregnancy requires more than “do what you’ve always done” and “listen to your body.”

Having guidelines that help you to stay fit, healthy and safe can lead to empowerment and a stronger recovery. Programming can accommodate home fitness equipment or commercial gym.

Customized Postpartum Recovery Program(6 weeks): $225

This is a 6 week, individualized program to help you recover from childbirth and heal well. It is essential that you meet with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist prior to or in conjunction with this program. Programming includes Facetime/Skype check in’s, email and text.

This program will help guide your return to fitness in a way that promotes core and pelvic health recovery and strength. Programming can accommodate home fitness equipment or commercial gym.

Julie Wiebe’s, “The Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness”

*mandatory for pregnancy and postpartum remote coaching.

This is a great and necessary introduction to the fundamentals and cueing used in my programs, designed for pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Understanding how breath and pelvic floor coordination impact the prevention, severity and healing of the core and pelvic floor is essential for athleticism. I take the Piston Science introduced in this DVD and apply the strategies to movement and safe strength progressions.

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Strength & Conditioning (price varies)

Programming can accommodate home fitness equipment or commercial gym. Cycles depend on training goals, training history and duration of program.

*All prices may change depending on service and requests.

FaceTime/Skype: 30 min: $50

Want the basics (breath and pelvic floor coordination, alignment, movement patterns)? Need guidance and hard questions answered that apply to your training, recovery and progressions? Let’s chat!


Remote coaching

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