Postpartum Program



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Postpartum Program

Pregnancy is temporary, postpartum is forever. Women need to train and recover accordingly to progress in function, fitness and strength.

6 weeks- $250

Mon/Wed 10:30am @ Autumo in Moorpark, CA

You’re cleared, now what?

Unfortunately, in the United States, there’s not a lot of postpartum support for women! I’m trying to change that by offering a unique, evidence based program that is designed to help women recover from childbirth and return to their desired choice of exercise with a body that’s prepared to do so. This program is appropriate and necessary for ALL postpartum women- from Olympic athletes to beginner exercisers- from home birth to Emergency C-Section- everyone has pregnancy, childbirth and a major life transition in common. Women deserve to be supported early on in this journey.
This program is designed to recover safely and progress physically in a supportive, educational environment where your baby or toddler is welcome. You will learn proper breathing, alignment, movement patterns and exercises that work to improve the severity of Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, common postpartum aches/pain, etc, all while getting your strength back in a safe way! What you do (and don’t do!) postpartum is key for making a quality, sustainable return to fitness and daily function and your choice of exercise.

I refer all women to Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists. This program complements (most) rehab protocols. I’m more than willing to work with your PT.



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