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Strength Training and Adaptations for the Pregnant & Postpartum Athlete

Are you pregnant and looking to continue CrossFit or strength training?

Are you a mom who is looking to return to exercise and performance stronger than ever?

If so, this course is for you!


I’ve created information to empower you to continue the training you love while being mindful of the impact pregnancy and childbirth has on the core and pelvic floor. Listening to your body and doing what you’ve always done isn’t enough. Most coaches in the gym aren’t up to date on the needs and demands pregnant and postpartum athletes.


There has been a significant lack of evidence-based information that provides YOU with the tools you need to train smart during pregnancy and return to the gym postpartum….until now.

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You’re cleared, now what?
This program is designed to recover safely and progress physically in a supportive, educational environment. You will learn proper breathing, alignment, movement patterns and exercises that work to improve Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, common postpartum aches/pain, etc, all while getting your strength back in a safe way!

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Women’s Strength & Conditioning at Autumo Crossfit in Moorpark, CA is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am. This class builds function, form and strength through barbell, kettlebell and dynamic movement patterns. There is a significant emphasis on core and pelvic health athleticism.

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I can help you implement healthy habits and movements to build strength and consistency in your training. Having someone to educate, guide and program specifically to your needs allows you to trust the process and see amazing mental, physical and emotional results.

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Not local? No problem. I offer skype or facetime consults and remote coaching/strength programming.  

Price varies depending on service.

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Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles

Creating an intentional culture through education, movement, motherhood, healthy habits, strength and transparency.
Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles
Brianna Battles- Everyday BattlesMonday, May 22nd, 2017 at 2:40pm
There's a lot of things testing my vulnerability and strength right now. It ranges from the launch of my upcoming online course- something I've poured every minute of energy, trial and error into and feel so incredibly anxious about, to significant family stress within our small, close family that I won't go into, but there's been disappointment, a recent scare, challenges and overall change.
My self-care, friendships and sleep have been impacted by stress and expectations.
With this pregnancy, I'm worried about my body adapting to this growing baby, knowing what variables I'm already up against physically with my healing- and also trying to prepare my mindset and support for postpartum. And not knowing how I'll keep up, with like, anything.
We have also been in the process of selling our home, buying a new one and feeling so torn, exhausted and insecure in this process. It's been an intense selling/buying process, even in comparison to the normal stress of it. Just drama.

The hardest part is losing any sense of normalcy around here and within me. It's funny what we can take for granted- things like the comfort of consistency with family, health, our home, people and work. Right now, nothing is consistent and I know this will pass, in some ways, and won't in others. This is just a very different chapter in adulthood, with lots of unexpected changes. While I can trust the big picture, getting through this season where everything heavy seemed to happen at once, makes me feel slightly defeated one day, hopeful the next and protective constantly.

I share this not to be dramatic, as I know my problems and stresses are incomparable to so many, but because writing it out helps me process everything, both positive and difficult. I can see it more clearly and get it out of my heart.
We can do hard things, good things, stressful things and transitional things. Not gracefully, but...#practicebrave, keep showing up and rise anyway.
Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles
Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles added a new photo to the album: Postpartum Fitness 2017 — with Annie Alexander.Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at 11:36am
They all have different fitness backgrounds, goals and interests, but the one thing that has brought them together was being proactive with their recovery and education surrounding postpartum fitness. They wanted guidance and they've finished these 6 weeks with confidence in their movement patterns, recovery and individuality of both.

They are set up with the tools they need to not be set back by simply not knowing better or by having a coach/instructor that doesn't know better. They can be their own advocate!

If you want to join in, my final program of the year begins Monday!!!
Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles
Brianna Battles- Everyday Battles with Brianna Battles.Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 at 9:25am
Today, I practiced brave, and as usual, that decision was justified and then some.
This is the head of labor and delivery at my local hospital. My amazing Doctor connected me with her to discuss how my birth experience could be improved. I was nervous on how to respectfully, scientifically and holistically approach this.

I've talked about how I've elected for a repeat cesarian section, for MANY reasons, but what I didn't elaborate on was the advocacy that has come with making that decision.

I'm opting for a "gentle Cesarian." However, this is not standard of care in most hospitals. I want to change that in my community for the women who want/need it, and I've established a team of support that is advocating a similar effort.
I am being who I needed, by finding who I needed.

She asked me about my delivery with Cade. And she had tears in her eyes as I told her.
My birth was a perfect storm of traumatic, but what broke my heart the most was being alone with my placenta on the table next to me, wondering where my baby was...where anyone was...not getting skin to skin, or anything close to the "birth plan" I had hoped for. This *contributed* to breastfeeding struggles and Postpartum depression/anxiety.

So, this time around, "control the things I can" has been the mindset I've adopted to #practicebrave
Today, we discussed and agreed on my use of a clear drape so I can see him slowly & gently be taken out of me, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin for at least an hour and having support the entire time. She promised me she would have everyone on the same page in that OR.
*assuming an uncomplicated delivery.

The hospital has undergone change in leadership since I had Cade and most importantly, a change in culture due to people like this woman, my Doctor and a new President who want to better align the experiences of vaginal and cesarean deliveries. There's no room for shame. I can't wait to help lead that effort.

She calmed my heart and mind, made me feel heard, supported and is making sure this time is a another chance at reclaiming my first moments of motherhood. I am so thankful for Cade's birth, because it's opened my heart and allowed for continual opportunities to do better for women by creating change.

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