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Strength Training and Adaptations for the Pregnant & Postpartum Athlete

Are you pregnant and looking to continue CrossFit or strength training?

Are you a mom who is looking to return to exercise and performance stronger than ever?

If so, this course is for you!


I’ve created information to empower you to continue the training you love while being mindful of the impact pregnancy and childbirth has on the core and pelvic floor. Listening to your body and doing what you’ve always done isn’t enough. Most coaches in the gym aren’t up to date on the needs and demands pregnant and postpartum athletes.


There has been a significant lack of evidence-based information that provides YOU with the tools you need to train smart during pregnancy and return to the gym postpartum….until now.

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You’re cleared, now what?
This program is designed to recover safely and progress physically in a supportive, educational environment. You will learn proper breathing, alignment, movement patterns and exercises that work to improve Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, common postpartum aches/pain, etc, all while getting your strength back in a safe way!

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Women’s Strength & Conditioning at Autumo Crossfit in Moorpark, CA is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am. This class builds function, form and strength through barbell, kettlebell and dynamic movement patterns. There is a significant emphasis on core and pelvic health athleticism.

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I can help you implement healthy habits and movements to build strength and consistency in your training. Having someone to educate, guide and program specifically to your needs allows you to trust the process and see amazing mental, physical and emotional results.

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Not local? No problem. I offer skype or facetime consults and remote coaching/strength programming.  

Price varies depending on service.

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Creating an intentional culture through education, movement, motherhood, healthy habits, strength and transparency.
Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesThursday, December 8th, 2016 at 11:59am
It's ok to look like you've had a baby. It's ok to have marks and scars and weird skin.
It's ok to have abs, it's ok not to.
It's ok to have rolls and folds.
It's ok not look like you once did, cuz no BODY stays the same anyway.
I have cried over this body, felt betrayed by this body and been in absolute amazement of it.
I've certainly weighed less and I've weighed more, and I know that not from the scale, but from knowing my body. And it's still ok.
I can suck it in, I can let it relax and neither shape defines how strong or healthy this body is. It's just a varying facade.
My body doesn't represent my heart or brain or worth as a fitness professional, mom or woman.
It doesn't make me better or worse, qualified or less. And while talking about bodies is overkill in the fitness world, talking about how they change and being healthfully and mindfully at peace with that, is still a damn revolution. And one I continue to work on.
You may be annoyed at seeing this, or maybe you relate to it. Either way, I hope the conversation surrounding what fit or healthy looks like continues to change, with an emphasis being on what's sustainable and individual.
Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesTuesday, December 6th, 2016 at 11:32am
I love working with athletes, because as Julie Wiebe, PT mentioned again earlier today, there are no set rules and formulas to follow.

We, as coaches and practitioners, have to know how to provide individual guidelines and educate women on how to be their own advocates to game plan accordingly. You better believe this is is a foundation of HOLD STRONG (Female Fitness Pro).

Today I spoke with a female law enforcement officer. She's the only female at her department, and the first pregnancy her department has experienced.

And she needs to return to SWAT. She needs to train smart during pregnancy and return to function and performance postpartum. She knows her priorities, and it's not to do "Fran" at CrossFit.

But in the same breath, how are we telling women just to do heel slides when her CAREER demands her to wear her belt and vest (~40lbs?) in the early months postpartum? She needs to run. She needs to be able to protect herself and her partner. Her body needs to be prepared.

So, what she can do NOW is train smart and reasonable, implement a movement strategy, keeping her postpartum goals and demands in mind.
She can educate herself on signs and symptoms, measure risk vs reward of exercise choices and intensity and have a team helping guide her once she has her baby.

She's also preparing to advocate for a reasonable return to duty with her department, because she knows having a baby is a big deal and a 6 or 8 week maternity leave may not be reasonable for her body and demands. It's amazing how many Tactical women don't have this option.

I love this shit. I love speaking this language and strategizing with women about having an empowered, educated experience and game plan....controlling the things we can, and planning support for what we can't control.
Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesTuesday, December 6th, 2016 at 4:54am
💥Local friends, near Thousand Oaks, California!💥

We are taking our intentional culture outside of the gym and our homes.
In 2 weeks, the members of Everyday Battles: Strength and Conditioning, are headed to a women's and children's homeless shelter, to make and serve dinner to over 40 women and their babies.
They are in need of household we are bringing as much as we can to contribute to the operational needs of their facility.
We are a strong team of providers and advocates, and with that, if you're local and would like to donate anything, I'm collecting items over the next 2 weeks and would love as much support in this as possible.
We believe in #womensupportingwomen and are eager to show some love to those who need it most. 💞