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You’re cleared, now what?
This program is designed to recover safely and progress physically in a supportive, educational environment. You will learn proper breathing, alignment, movement patterns and exercises that work to improve Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, common postpartum aches/pain, etc, all while getting your strength back in a safe way!

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Women’s Strength & Conditioning at Autumo Crossfit in Moorpark, CA is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am. This class builds function, form and strength through barbell, kettlebell and dynamic movement patterns. There is a significant emphasis on core and pelvic health athleticism.

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I can help you implement healthy habits and movements to build strength and consistency in your training. Having someone to educate, guide and program specifically to your needs allows you to trust the process and see amazing mental, physical and emotional results.

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Not local? No problem. I offer skype or facetime consults and remote coaching/strength programming.  

Price varies depending on service.

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Everyday Battles

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Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesFriday, August 26th, 2016 at 2:37am
I loved this article.

So, the other week Jared and I got into a standoff.

I sent him a text- cuz sometimes that man needs to read something to have it fully sink in.

I said, "I don't need you to solve it, I need you to listen."

I'm also a took some hurtful personal lessons and losses to understand that I needed to do more listening to make people feel supported. They don't necessarily need my words. I continually struggle finding this balance!!

Intentions of solvers are good, but sometimes, solutions aren't needed...empathy is.
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Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesThursday, August 25th, 2016 at 4:09pm
Another evening spent speaking awkwardly to my computer screen. I tried the mirror, but no. Just no.

Also, another evening spent knowing my husband could also probably give this presentation by now.

NSCA I'm (almost, maybe) ready for you!
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Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesThursday, August 25th, 2016 at 12:35pm
When I'm tired or stressed, I (especially) lack a filter.

I overheard an athlete talking about how she has "literally no energy." And is trying everything- including one of those products that "give you energy."

So gracefully, I chime in with "have you checked to see what evidence supports this?" (No).

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

So, then I asked if I could help, realizing I had just sounded like a total bitch. I apologized for my mouth.

After a few questions and conversation, she mentioned she eats about 1200 calories a day.

Guys, if you are a living, moving (actually even not moving) person...1200 calories is far from being enough. And yeah, you won't have energy. That kind of deficit will impact SO many aspects of your health and wellbeing.

When can 1200 calories stop being a thing?!

I referred her to an RD. Cuz you know, coaches and trainers should not really be giving too much nutritional advice. Crazy concept, I know.

Our body tells us a lot. We just have to be willing to really listen and act appropriately to get the answers we may or may not be ready for.
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Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesThursday, August 25th, 2016 at 4:01am
Dear mom crying in the mirror,

I hear from you and women like you ever week. I try to assure you, build you, but I know you may not be ready to hear it. And that's ok.

3 years ago I sat here in this exact spot, 2 months postpartum and cried. I knew my body was supposed to look different, but I felt like the lines, weird skin, bloating everywhere and my unplanned scar had destroyed me and I would never look the same.
I was a new mom, mourning my body, adjusting to a new reality and unsure of my body- something I felt pressured to have look a certain way. I needed someone to tell me I would be ok, but I wouldn't have believed them.

I have loose skin. Those marks are there but they've faded. My scar is awesome. My belly button is altered. I've been 60lbs heavier and fluctuated 10-15lbs the last couple years, raising this boy. I'm healed and strong and I have the outline of abs with loose skin at the bottom that wrinkles and hangs and it's ok. I love high waisted pants like all mamas do! 😂

This is my body now. And it won't look like this forever- pregnancy, postpartum, injuries, fitness and nutrition, changes us. Continually.
And it should, because our body is an ongoing machine that supports and adapts to evolving demands. Isn't that amazing?!

Our body and worth is more than aesthetics and performance. The changes my body has gone through has grown my heart and mind in the most positive way. I'm more confident now than I EVER was before having Cade, even if I look different.

Because now, my worth is seen in the eyes of this little boy and what I try to offer to this world- not in a mirror- and that gives me perspective everyday.

Give yourself time, love and acceptance for the now, because now doesn't reflect forever.
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Everyday Battles
Everyday BattlesSunday, August 21st, 2016 at 2:45am
This is the kind of dream you have after writing and skyping for half the day, yesterday:

I dreamed that Rhonda Rousey called me and was like, "hey girl. I'm pregnant and want you to coach me for the next 2 years."

And I was like, "holy shit, ok!"

So then, Mama Lion Strong and Julie Wiebe, PT and I started going to UFC fights to study the impact of core and pelvic floor in those movements and demands. Because, movement nerds unite!

And then, my husband suddenly was like, "MAYBE I DO CARE ABOUT THE SHIT YOU CONTINUALLY TALK ABOUT."

So, Rhonda, if and when that time comes, I'm your girl. I already visualized the entire thing, with the satisfaction of making my husband incredibly jealous of my UFC attendance and newfound interest in mixed martial arts.

Just sayin'...
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